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Client Care

Hair Care

Hair Care Tips

  • It is not recommended that you cut the weft or sew through the weft – if you find it necessary to cut through the weft, apply a weft sealer to reduce shedding.
  • Keep your extensions looking new – try co-washing the hair with a moisturizing conditioner and dry naturally rather than with a dryer.  Eliminate heat as much as you can.
  • Washing with shampoo – Hair extensions do not have a natural source of oil being deposited as they are not attached to the scalp.  Conditioner will remove residue and some product build up.   However, if you must use shampoo, use it sparingly as it tends to strip the hair of moisture.  Use a moisturizing shampoo.  Do not scrub the hair – smooth through in a downward motion and rinse well. 
  • Conditioner – use a moisturizing conditioner to add moisture back to the hair.
  • Use moisturizing hair products – your extensions will not be getting oil from your scalp so it is important to stop them from drying out by using a good moisturizing hair product.
  • Drying your hair – air drying is best, particularly for curly hair.  A diffuser can be used but only on warm setting.  You can also wrap your hair in a toweling turban and leave for 60 minutes to soak up excess moisture.  Finish hair on cool setting if you must blow dry and use heat protective treatments.
  • Combing – use your fingers or a large toothed comb for styling. If you want bigger uniformed curls that clumps together, try using Denman type of brush for styling. You can also try the ‘plop or plunk’ technique for perfect curls.
  • Curly Hair – If your extensions are wavy or curly, use a curl definer to help eliminate frizz and hold the curls in place; do not brush curls while the hair is dry.
  • Styling – use leave-in conditioner or Argon oil.  Don’t cover heavily with product.
  • Curling – non-heat methods are best such as flexi rods or perm rods.  If you do use heat, use a heat protector.
  • Using heat –  You may blow dry or straighten the hair, but do not forget that excessive heat will cause your extensions to dry out, purely because they are not getting oil from your scalp. Repeatedly straightening curly hair may cause the curl pattern to loosen.
  • Coloring your hair – this can be done but the less chemicals you use, the longer your hair will last.
  • Bedtime – put hair in a ponytail to prevent tangling.  A satin pillowcase is also great as it allows your hair to move easily.
  • Swimming in pool or sea – afterwards, shampoo with a clarifying product and deep condition the hair.