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Shopping at Privileged Hair Extensions is easy even for the first time hair buyer. In this section, we will explain key terms and concepts to assist you in the hair buying process at Privileged Hair Extensions.

Let’s start off with a quick overview of items that if chosen correctly will assist you in selecting the perfect hair extensions to blend seamlessly with your hair.

What are the differences between Bundles, Blends, and Supplements? 

Gone are the days when you stopped by the beauty supply store to buy a pack of hair. Privileged Hair Extensions sells hair in bundles that vary from 1.5oz to 4oz in weight. 

  • A Bundle refers to one individual single donor ponytail that has been machine wefted. At Privileged Hair, we sell bundles in Full Blends or as Supplements. 

  • Blends are bundles that are similar in luster, color, length and pattern that we combine to create a complete style or ‘full blend’ that can be used for a full head install. Depending on our inventory, our blends range from 7oz – 12.oz. 

  • Supplements are individual blends that weigh 5oz or less, and is typically comprised of 1-3 bundles. Most people purchase supplements to create their own custom blend, for partial installs or clip-ins, or to add fullness or length to an existing style.

How to Choose your Perfect Blend?

    • Selecting the Right Density: Since our hair in the Signature collection is virgin and wefted from blended single donor ponytails, the weight of each bundle will vary. You will need to choose the right blend based on how full you want your look, amongst other things. When shopping in the boutique, 8oz of hair is recommended for a natural density look under 18”. For a fuller look over 18”, it is recommended that you purchase 10oz or more. The longer the hair you purchase, the shorter the wefts you’ll receive. This happens because the weight of the hair is based in part by the length. Short hair weighs less, so your wefts will be longer with more hair. It’s the opposite with long hair. Once you go past 18”, you will need more hair to accomplish your goal.

    • Selecting the Right Length: Our hair is sold in length ranges. If you order a 14-16” bundle, you might receive hair that is 14”, 15” or 16”. Our curly and wavy hair is measured when the hair is stretched out, and not in the natural state, so it appears shorter when you receive it. We suggest ordering extra inches to achieve your desired look.

    • Selecting the Right Luster: Hair luster refers to the amount of light that hair reflects. High luster hair is shiny and harder to blend for African Americans with natural textured hair since it reflects a lot of light. It blends well with those with smooth silky hair. Medium luster hair blends well with relaxed texture hair due to the natural sheen and smooth appearance. Medium low luster reflects less light and offers a matte appearance. Low luster blends better with women with higher textured kinky hair due to the lack of shine, and dull appearance.

    • Selecting the Right Pattern: Our different collections offer a range of patterns, including straight with a slight wave, coarse straight, relaxed texture, loose wavy, deep wavy, kinky curly, deep curly, and natural curly.

    • Selecting the Right Texture: Hair texture refers to the diameter of the hair strand and ranges from fine (thinnest strand) to coarse (thickest strand).

Our Collections

Our hair comes in lengths between 12 and 30 inches, so you can achieve the right length and look you desire. Each of our collections are collected in bulk and custom machine wefts are made from blended single donor cut ponytails or one original ponytail single drawn to remove the top short hairs and then wefted. To offer the best quality, we only offer hair that has all the cuticles intact and running in the same direction to eliminate matting and tangling. Each blend in our virgin collection is unique and derives from one single donor ponytail. As such, once a blend is purchased it cannot be purchased again.

In order to offer our clients the best hair on the market, we offer 3 distinct collections that have different origins and patterns, with varying price points to meet our customer’s needs.

  • Our Signature collection is 100% virgin hair from the Southeast Asia region. Because this hair is virgin, it ranges from pinky size curls to thumb size curls, loose to deep waves, and silky straight to coarse straight. No one bundle is the same. Hair in this collection is not processed for texture, pattern or color. It is thicker than our Avant collection and ranges from slightly coarse to very coarse. Because of the texture and luster, this collection is a very good match for African American hair.

  • Our Avant collection is 100% virgin hair from South Asia. This hair is very versatile and blends well with those with European and relaxed African American hair. The density is very fine. It’s naturally airy, light and bouncy and can easily be curled and styled. This origin moves effortlessly with minimal products. This hair texture can be found ranging from soft and silky to slightly coarse. No one bundle is the same. Hair in this collection is not processed for texture, pattern or color. This is our mid-tier priced collection.

  • Our Adorn collection is our least expensive collection. It is 100% virgin hair from Southeast Asia that has undergone a 2-day steam process to develop our textured straight, wavy and curly patterns. No chemicals are used in the process, so that the hair maintains the integrity of virgin hair.

Shopping with Privileged Hair

There are two ways to purchase hair at Privileged Hair. If you already have an idea of what you want, you can visit the boutique and filter based on your preference. If you have a certain hairstyle in mind but you’re not sure which blend to purchase to achieve your look, click on “Shop Your Style™” for suggestions on what to buy to recreate your look.

  • Shopping in the Boutique: Shopping in the boutique allows you to filter our entire inventory based on your selection and needs. You can click on any product to view the product page, or hover over it to add it to your wish list. You can also hover over a product to get a quick view of the blend without leaving the boutique.

  • Shop Your Style™: Have you ever seen someone wearing a certain hairstyle and said, “I Want that Style?” Shop Your Style™ delivers personalized recommendations for you based on your preferred selections. Start off by selecting your perfect hairstyle, length and density and we’ll do the rest. Based on your selections, Shop Your Style™ will help reduce the scope of your search and simplify your experience by helping in recreating your perfect look.

Enhance My Look:

We created Enhance My Look because we realized that some women prefer a fuller look, or may want the freedom of customizing their own blend with the addition of supplements. Enhance My Look will provide you with suggested supplements to use together to create a full blend. If you are purchasing a full blend and want to add even more fullness, Enhance My Look will also provide you with suggestions to do so.

Vanity Room

What’s better than a picture? If you are one of those women that can’t visualize how your blend will look on you after viewing the pictures in our boutique, click on the Vanity Room button on the product page to visit our Vanity Room. The Vanity Room allows you to view a short 360˚ video of your selected blend, pinned and rotating on a mannequin. You are able to better visualize how long and full the blend is, how the different lengths fall, what the texture and luster look like, and ultimately, make a better judgment call on whether or not the blend will work for you.

Caring for Your Blend

When you receive your Privileged Hair, it will arrive braided in a black clutch packaged in a white gift box. Each bundle has a security seal attached with a plastic cable tie. This allows for the hair to arrive in a good state during transit. As part of our quality control, we personally wash and condition each blend before shipping. Since the hair does arrive braided, we recommend doing a light co-wash and air dry to see the true pattern of the hair. Please do not cut the cable tie or security seal until you are sure that you will be keeping your blend. Products cannot be returned for store credit or exchanged if the ties and seals are cut.

For more definitions and hair care tips, visit our hair care tips and glossary page.



Hair can break due to over processing with chemicals or heat. The hair will then become dry and rough with split ends. Breakage can also occur if extensions are attached in the wrong way i.e. too close to the scalp.

Clip-in hair extensions

Clips are sewn onto the weft of the hair extensions. You simply clip the extensions wherever you desire more volume or body for your hair.


This is the hard, outer layer of the hair which provides a protective barrier for the delicate inner.

Chemically treated

Any form of chemical application to the hair such as bleaching, perming, coloring or permanent straightening. This can damage and weaken the hair.


Pro-vitamin B5 – this can be found in a range of hair products and it acts as a long lasting moisturizer/conditioner. It adds shine and prevents damage.


The process of arranging the hair evenly as possible. All short hairs are removed from the bulk hair and are then arranged for the wefting process.

European Hair (Caucasian)

Hair that is Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish or rarely Swedish. It is usually quite fine and if this type of hair is sold, it is often done so unwillingly. It also tends to be color treated.

Non Remy

The roots and ends are mixed; hence the cuticle faces different directions. It tangles easily and is often collected from bins, brushes etc.

Remy (Remi)

A French word meaning remixed. Here it means that all hair faces the same direction i.e. the cuticle, so it is much less likely to tangle.


Cheaper hair extensions can be coated with silicone to add shine and softness. However, this washes off, leaving dry brittle hair.

Silk protein

This creates a protective film on the hair, sealing the cuticle. This helps with combing, detangling and adds extra shine. It is a superb moisturizer/conditioner.

Virgin hair

Hair in pure un-treated condition that has never been chemically treated. 

Machine Wefts

Machine wefts are created via a process of sewing strands of hair with a custom sewing machine to make tracks for hair extensions or weaving. These tracks are attached to the hair typically by sewing extensions onto corn-rowed (braided) hair, or clipped to the hair. 

Weave extensions

Your own hair is plaited close to the scalp and a weft extension sewn in. They can be uncomfortable if too tight.

Low Luster Texture

Hair texture that blends well with coarse hair due to the lack of shine. It reacts just like natural hair (frizzing, reverting, etc.). It requires more maintenance than the medium and low luster pattern.

Medium Luster Texture

Hair texture that blends well with relaxed textured hair. It has a natural sheen and smooth appearance.

High Luster Texture

Hair texture that appears very smooth and shiny. It reflects the most light. It is recommended for those with silky textured hair.

A Pattern

Straight but with plenty of body, this extension is a cinch to style and maintain and great if you want hair that is easy to look after

B Pattern

Fantastic ‘beach-type’ waves or fluffy curls for a naturally tousled look. Your hair will look as if the curls have been set without the need for rollers. Amazingly versatile and lends itself to a host of different styles

C Pattern

Luscious waves or stunning curls; here you have hair that offers loads of body and style. This hair often requires more maintenance and moisture.

D Pattern

Paired with low luster texture, D pattern curls are waves that are a rare sight to see! It’s perfect for the naturalista looking for a more realistic look with effortless blending. Don’t forget it acts like your natural hair, so it does require maintenance and moisture.

Hair Care Tips

  • It is not recommended that you cut the weft or sew through the weft – if you find it necessary to cut through the weft, apply a weft sealer to reduce shedding.
  • Keep your extensions looking new – try co-washing the hair with a moisturizing conditioner and dry naturally rather than with a dryer.  Eliminate heat as much as you can.
  • Washing with shampoo – Hair extensions do not have a natural source of oil being deposited as they are not attached to the scalp.  Conditioner will remove residue and some product build up.   However, if you must use shampoo, use it sparingly as it tends to strip the hair of moisture.  Use a moisturizing shampoo.  Do not scrub the hair – smooth through in a downward motion and rinse well. 
  • Conditioner – use a moisturizing conditioner to add moisture back to the hair.
  • Use moisturizing hair products – your extensions will not be getting oil from your scalp so it is important to stop them from drying out by using a good moisturizing hair product.
  • Drying your hair – air drying is best, particularly for curly hair.  A diffuser can be used but only on warm setting.  You can also wrap your hair in a toweling turban and leave for 60 minutes to soak up excess moisture.  Finish hair on cool setting if you must blow dry and use heat protective treatments.
  • Combing – use your fingers or a large toothed comb for styling. If you want bigger uniformed curls that clumps together, try using Denman type of brush for styling. You can also try the ‘plop or plunk’ technique for perfect curls.
  • Curly Hair – If your extensions are wavy or curly, use a curl definer to help eliminate frizz and hold the curls in place; do not brush curls while the hair is dry.
  • Styling – use leave-in conditioner or Argon oil.  Don’t cover heavily with product.
  • Curling – non-heat methods are best such as flexi rods or perm rods.  If you do use heat, use a heat protector.
  • Using heat –  You may blow dry or straighten the hair, but do not forget that excessive heat will cause your extensions to dry out, purely because they are not getting oil from your scalp. Repeatedly straightening curly hair may cause the curl pattern to loosen.
  • Coloring your hair – this can be done but the less chemicals you use, the longer your hair will last.
  • Bedtime – put hair in a ponytail to prevent tangling.  A satin pillowcase is also great as it allows your hair to move easily.
  • Swimming in pool or sea – afterwards, shampoo with a clarifying product and deep condition the hair.