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 Our Story

What Privileged Means to Us

While we were brainstorming names for our company, we threw a few things out there and Privileged really spoke to us.  We didn’t commit right away because we realized that some may interpret it negatively, when in reality, that’s far from who we are.  Our name speaks directly to our company's vision, “Your Style, Our Privilege”.  We feel honored that we have been given the privilege and entrusted with the opportunity to serve our clients.  We want our clients to feel as if they belong to an exclusive group because they do.  As an Elite in the Privileged Society, you will receive quality products, great service and special benefits, but that’s not all.

Privileged is about luxury.  It is about exclusivity and perfection because that's what is offered in all facets of our business.  In a time where the hair industry is saturated with hair extensions companies claiming to sell virgin hair extensions, Privileged was born out of the need to provide our clientele with the total package.  Our collections offer 100% virgin, machine wefted hair from the South and Southeast Asia region.  We hand select each item that we sell, and it goes through a rigorous 2-step quality control process with our vendors and again with us.  Each bundle is hand crafted exclusively for our clients.

The Team

The founders of Privileged have 30 years of combined knowledge in the hair industry.  We are the Privileged woman.  We wear our own.  We wouldn’t sell it if we couldn’t.  We believe in providing access to great quality hair at great prices.  We understand that when you feel beautiful on the outside with a new hairstyle, manicured eyebrows, and a new outfit, that feeling of beauty resonates on the inside.

Invest with Us

We understand that shopping with Privileged is an investment.  We know that what may be inexpensive to one woman may be unreasonable to another.  That's why we had to create competitive prices that could reach all demographics of women.

We have high quality products that are less expensive than our competitors, yet we don't cut corners.  Experience has bred efficiency and we are happy to pass this on to you in the form of high quality products at affordable prices.

We are customer centric and offer a matchless customer experience.  This experience starts prior to purchase, and doesn't end until products have been received and our clients are happy.  At Privileged, we aim to create a unique and memorable buying experience. Need help deciding what to buy?  We have you covered. “Shop Your Style™”, our online concierge, will deliver personalized recommendations just for you based on your selections. Know exactly what you want?  Head over to the boutique, and filter by your preferences.  You can read reviews by Elites with verified purchases or view a 360˚ video of your dream blend in the Vanity Room.  Become a member of the Privileged Society and apply rewards to your purchase.  Remember, membership has its privileges.

Why Choose Privileged?

At Privileged, we offer a customer-centric buying experience that’s tailored to meet our client needs. This means that it’s built from our client’s perspective. It starts with our purchase process being easy to understand. We provide Elites with quality products that undergo extensive testing, and an inventory that meets market demand with no long wait. Clients also have access to support before, during and after their purchase.

Our main goal is to ensure each potential client has an exceptional buying experience.  Do you need an expert recommendation for that angled bob Rihanna wore to the Grammys or do you know what you want, and just need help selecting the right pattern?  Whether you are new to the world of luxury virgin hair or an experienced virgin hair enthusiast, we want all our clients to be confident with their purchase.  Clients may proceed directly to our boutique and select the products they prefer or use our “Shop Your Style™”, online concierge. This tool helps consumers reduce the scope of their search and simplify their experience by aiding in recreating their perfect look. That’s the Total Privileged Experience.

Sourcing Ethics

We have three collections, all of which are 100% virgin hair from the South and Southeast Asian region. Our Signature and Avant Collection have never been chemically nor steamed processed. Our Adorn Collection has undergone a 2-day steam process to develop our textured straight, wavy and curly patterns. No chemicals are used in the process, so that the hair maintains the integrity of virgin hair. Our hair comes to us in its natural, un-treated color i.e. dark virgin hair. Rather than put through a hand-brushing double-drawn process, we use a method called ‘Hackling’ which removes the shorter hair to provide a totally uniformed length.

Superb quality guaranteed

The hair that we use is of the highest quality and we guarantee the following:

  • All hair used by us has been supplied by willing donors and with full consent via ethical sources
  • The donor has been treated well and with respect
  • They have received a fair price for their hair
  • Our hair is never bleached or damaged and we do not use chemicals to treat the hair
Gentle processes

Our production processes are gentle and Eco-friendly. We do not use artificial hair color, bleach or peroxide. This ensures that the hair is structurally sound and strong and remains in superb condition. For this reason, our hair feels soft, silky and lustrous as only Virgin hair can.

Remy hair

Our hair is Remy hair i.e. the cuticles all face in one direction, removing the risk of tangles and knots. We do not cover it with artificial silicon to give short-term good looks that will not last.

When you purchase PRIVILEGED HAIR extensions, you know that you are receiving only the best, ethically sourced product.